Having a broken tooth is a dental emergency that requires immediate dental attention. If you are not able to get emergency dental care it helps to know what to do with a broken tooth until such time that you can get treatment. Here are some tips that may help you save your tooth.


What Causes A Broken Tooth?

In some cases a tooth can be weakened, chipped, cracked or damaged without you being aware of it, but sometimes cracks, chips, fractures or breaks can occur as a result of trauma. 

Some examples that may warrant an emergency dentist include

  • Biting down on hard food like ice or hard sweets
  • A blow to the mouth
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations on the tooth
  • Teeth that are weakened because of root canal treatments
  • Teeth that are weakened as a result of decay or underlying cracks or fractures.

Sometimes you might feel the moment the tooth becomes damaged. In other cases this might not be apparent but you might experience lingering tooth sensitivity or pain, which is especially noticeable when biting down.

Regardless of when you become aware of a broken tooth it is essential that you seek emergency dental care, to prevent a more serious problem from occurring.

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What To Do With A Broken Tooth?

If your emergency dentist is not available to help you immediately, here are some tips to help you bide the time. Note: if you experience unbearable pain that does not respond to pain medication or uncontrollable bleeding from your mouth you should make your way to your closest clinic or hospital.

  • Do not chew on that side of your mouth
  • Avoid food and drink that is very hot or very cold
  • Use a saline rinse to keep your mouth clean and free of debris


The Importance Of Getting Emergency Dental Care

Any fractures, breaks or cracks in your tooth enamel can expose your dental pulp to potential infection. The pulp is what contains the nerves and vessels of your teeth and any infection in the pulp compromises the health of that tooth. Sometimes very small, microscopic breaks in the tooth surface are all that is required for bacteria to enter and infect the pulp. If left untreated this can progress to a serious infection that may require your tooth to be extracted.


Emergency Dental Care For Broken Teeth

The size and location of the crack or fracture will determine how best your emergency dentist can manage it. In many cases a restoration or tooth filling with composite resin is sufficient but if the area is large, your dentist may consider a dental crown or cap instead. 

If the dental pulp is already infected your emergency dentist may perform a root canal treatment, to remove the infected material and seal up your tooth canals to prevent reinfection. In severe cases it may be necessary to extract the tooth.


If you need help with what to do with a broken tooth please call our practice immediately for assistance: (02) 9158 6309.