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Preventive dentistry

We 100% believe prevention is better than the cure with dentistry. That is why we offer a wide range and a heavy preference for recommending preventative options. Save your teeth! You've only gotta use them for about 80 years!



Occasionally teeth break or get decayed. Our restorations (AKA Fillings) are of the highest quality and use the latest material technology. We pride ourselves on making them look just like the rest of your teeth and make sure you're comfortable and without pain during the entire appointment.


Crown and bridge

A great option for people who are missing some teeth or want to protect a damaged tooth which is at risk of falling apart. Crown technology has advanced incredibly over the last few years and can provide long-lasting protection for teeth that would otherwise be lost forever.


Root canal therapy

Not as scary as it sounds! Root canals involve cleaning out the infection and bacteria that have managed to get their way inside your tooth. Your tooth essentially becomes a hollow 'shell' which we re-fill and re-shape so that it looks and functions just like usual! A great way to hold onto teeth for years longer!

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Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure which can provide a significant boost to your appearance and confidence. We offer whitening using ZOOM! Teeth Whitening solutions combined with home-instructions and a take-home kit. This enables you to maintain a whiter smile for longer and with less sensitivity.

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Veneers & cosmetic enhancements

Cosmetic procedures are booming in Australia as more and more people realise the power of a great smile. We offer a huge range of cosmetic procedures including Veneers, Crowns and much more. If you want a better smile - get in touch with us and we'll help you out.

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The days of unsightly braces are almost completely gone! You can now get straighter teeth and an even more beautiful smile by simply wearing Invisalign. These are a series of thin, transparent 'mouthguard-like' aligners which gently move teeth into the right positions over a period of time. A fantastic product which can transform your smile.


Cosmetic & therapeutic injectables

Mint Dental Care offer a range of the latest facial cosmetic fillers and inject-able procedures including Botox and Dermal Fillers. This range of procedures can help not only improve wrinkles and cosmetic appearance, but also treat conditions with the jaw and associated muscles and headaches! Enquire about our solutions at your next appointment.

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Wisdom teeth

Humans used to eat much tougher foods and chew on bones. This used to develop our jaw bones more so that we used to have space for Wisdom teeth. But with a switch to a softer, modern diet - our jaws are smaller and Wisdom teeth might become problematic. Don't worry though, we can help and we'll make sure you're comfortable during the whole thing.

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Implants and missing tooth solutions

Although sharks may have an almost limitless supply of new teeth, humans unfortunately aren't so lucky! Implants are one of the best, longest lasting and cost-effective ways to restore a missing tooth and prevent shifting happening to all the other teeth in your mouth.

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