Untreated tooth decay is still one of the leading kids teeth problems in Australia, but fortunately it can be managed with good dental hygiene practice when children are still young. Ideally you should introduce your young children to oral hygiene as soon as the first baby teeth emerge, in order to foster healthy habits. Let’s have a look at how to care for your child’s teeth and avoid dental problems like decay.


Caring For Baby Teeth

Your child’s teeth should be looked after for them to last a lifetime, and by the time they reach the age of three, most children have their full set of baby teeth. Even though the baby teeth will eventually fall out they need to be taken care of.

care for baby teeth to avoid kids teeth problems SydneyYour child’s teeth can be uncomfortable and itchy when they are emerging from the gums. When they are still little, dentists recommend that you massage your children’s teeth with a finger. You can dot a small pea-sized amount of baby toothpaste onto your finger to clean the individual teeth and avoid dental problems early on.

As your children get older and improve their fine motor skills you can introduce a toothbrush to care for your child’s teeth. Initially most children spend more time sucking on and playing with their toothbrush than actually brushing, but it is a good strategy for discovery and teaches young kids to get used to the idea of a toothbrush and dental hygiene. You can avoid a lot of common kids teeth problems by introducing good oral hygiene practices as part of your child’s daily routine from a young age.

From the age of about six, your child will start to lose his or her baby teeth and their first adult teeth will start to make an appearance. Between the ages of 6 and 12 your child will have a combination of baby and adult teeth.


Good Dental Hygiene Avoids Dental Problems 


ways to avoid kids teeth problems SydneyBrushing Away Kids Teeth Problems

Until your child is old enough to brush his or her own teeth, you can do it on his behalf. A common approach is to sit or stand behind your child facing a mirror, moving the toothbrush along the top and bottom jaws to show your child the process to copy. Children must brush their teeth twice a day. Until the age of six you should be conservative with the amount of toothpaste you squeeze out.


Flossing To Avoid Dental Problems With Your Child’s Teeth

There are only 20 baby teeth but 32 adult teeth will emerge and while the teeth are quite far apart initially, as your child grows, the teeth will get closer together. Teach your child to floss while you are showing him or her how to brush so that this process is normalised as part of the oral hygiene procedure. Remember to show your child the correct technique and remind your child to floss twice a day to maintain dental health.

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