If you’d like to straighten your teeth you’re probably wondering whether Invisalign vs braces is best for your orthodontic needs. Clear aligners have proven to be highly effective at correcting crooked teeth and misaligned bites and may just be able to give you a straighter smile.


What Are Clear Aligners And How Do They Work?

In a similar way to orthodontic braces, clear aligners put your teeth under pressure to move them into the correct position. Unlike braces, which require regular adjustment, aligners like Invisalign need to be swapped every two weeks because, as your teeth move, they need to be under pressure so that they end up in the correct placement by the end of your treatment timeline.


Braces Vs Invisalign: What’s The Difference?

Invisalign Can Be Removed

Braces cannot be removed. Once your dentist has placed them on your teeth, they will stay there until they are removed by a dental practitioner. Clear aligners can be removed for eating and drinking so that they do not get stained or misshapen.


Invisalign Is More Comfortable

Traditional metal braces are certainly effective at correcting a range of dental issues but wearers typically find them uncomfortable especially after adjustments have been made. In terms of the comfort level of braces vs Invisalign, aligners are easier to wear. 


Braces Don’t Highlight Your Smile

Adolescents wearing orthodontic braces tend to want to hide their mouths and smile less often because of the aesthetics of the metal.

Invisalign is much less noticeable and wearers find it easier to be social when wearing them.

Aligners Require Special Care

Clear aligners are best suited to more mature patients because they require commitment to cleaning and wearing in order to be effective.

Even though they can be removed, they shouldn’t be taken out unnecessarily and they must be worn for 20-22 hours in order to be effective.

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Aligners also require special cleaning to keep them in optimal condition. If they are not taken out before eating and drinking they get stained, or become misshapen if exposed to hot liquids. The idea is to keep them transparent so it’s important to clean them according to the instructions supplied by your dental practitioner. If you don’t you could just end up drawing attention to them.


Invisalign Vs Braces: Which Is Better?

Invisalign is most suitable for mild to moderate correction so if your teeth are severely crooked or you need substantial bite correction, aligners might not be the most suitable for your needs. You would need your dental practitioner to assess your mouth to check suitability.

The most appropriate tooth correction also depends on your budget. Invisalign tends to be more expensive than orthodontic braces so you need to be prepared for the investment.

If you are looking for a teeth straightening solution that will still allow you to have a social life and not feel inhibited by your orthodontic braces, then clear aligners could suit you very well.


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