Having crooked teeth can affect your confidence and willingness to share a smile, but so can having braces as an adult. While braces used to be a long-term commitment geared mainly toward teens, they’re now available in invisible varieties that make straight teeth possible for adults in less time. But do invisible braces work? Yes. They are just as effective and provide many additional benefits. 

By investing in invisible braces, you can see results quickly, giving you a straighter smile without visible metal hardware in your mouth during the process. 


Do Invisible Braces Work

Yes, invisible braces can work just as effectively as the traditional metal brackets that were once the only option. Adults benefit from invisible braces because it allows them to discreetly correct crooked teeth that can cause a lack of self-confidence. This can open doors for your career and relationships by boosting your confidence. 

For minor issues, invisible braces work the same way as traditional ones. Controlled force is applied to the teeth to encourage them to move into a straighter position gradually. We can target specific teeth with each adjustment of a bracket and wires or clear aligners to get the desired result. 



Invisalign aligners are thin thermoplastic moulds, fitted to your teeth’ contours that are fabricated using 3D imaging and detailed impressions. These clear aligners do the same work as traditional braces, correcting crooked teeth and misalignments, but they are virtually invisible.

A significant benefit of Invisalign over traditional braces is that you can remove the apparatus from your mouth for eating, brushing, and flossing. This means you aren’t restricted to certain foods, and you can keep a normal oral hygiene routine. 

Clear aligners take roughly the same time to do their job as traditional braces, and they require dental appointments throughout the process. These regular check-ins allow your dentist to monitor your progress.

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Before the process begins, your dentist creates a customised treatment plan for you using detailed scans, X-rays, and digital impressions. Once you receive your first set of aligners (to be worn in a specific sequence), you return to the dentist every six to eight weeks. 

Invisalign is typically more expensive than traditional braces, but these clear aligners do not cause the same level of discomfort as traditional orthodontic braces. 

The Invisalign aligners cannot correct severe malocclusions. In those cases, wires and brackets may be the only way to straighten your smile.


Rapid Orthodontics 

If your misalignment is minor and the time commitment is discouraging you from getting braces as an adult, rapid orthodontics offers the perfect solution. This accelerated process can align your smile or crooked teeth in as little as six months. Not only is this a quicker option, but it’s also less expensive than clear aligners and traditional braces. 

The primary focus of rapid orthodontics is to straighten the social 6-8 front teeth, rather than your bite, so that you can have a beautiful smile, which is why this process is quicker than full band orthodontic braces. 

This method uses the same basic principles of orthodontics as traditional braces to straighten teeth cosmetically. Do invisible braces work with rapid orthodontics? Yes, this method still uses invisible braces by placing either clear brackets on the front of your teeth or putting the brackets on the back of your teeth out of sight. 


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